PopularMMOs Arrested for Domestic Abuse

Pat eleni abuse arrest
Eleni keeps making PopularMMOs' life a mess, according to the YouTuber. (Credit: Popular MMOs/Eleni)

The streaming community is never shy on scandalous situations, but we rarely come to ones as serious as this. Patrick "PopularMMOs" Julianelle's private life has been under fire for the last year but the whole story might have reached its lowest point as PopularMMOs has allegedly been arrested for domestic abuse.

PopularMMOs has had a very public beef with ex-girlfriend Eleni for more than a year and as a result, his private affairs have basically been under a microscope for that period. However, no one expected that the police would get involved.

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Why Was PopularMMOs Arrested?

There is very convincing proof that PopularMMOs, or at the very least a man named Patrick Julianelle, was arrested for "battery, cause of bodily harm, domestic", or domestic abuse. By very convincing proof we mean actual screenshots from the arrest order in Duval County, Florida.

Despite the solid evidence behind this rumor, Pat told his audience to "not believe everything they hear" and blamed troublemaker Eleni for the entire ordeal.

However, what you see in PopularMMOs tweet now is not what was there originally. At the end of the original message, he also leaked Eleni's address, an action he obviously quickly came to regret.

Stirring the pot further is Pat's ex-wife Jen allegedly liking and unliking a tweet that states "Pat abuses women". She would later confirm this but claimed it was all an accident and added they've never had abuse issues in the 10 years they were together.

This entire story is very, very troubling on so many levels. No matter what the truth is, you have someone doing sick stuff. Either Patrick Julianelle is an abuser or he is being abused by his crazy ex-girlfriend...for over a year. It's one of those lose-lose situations.

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