Rings Of Power Finally Reveals Sauron | Crazy Fan Theory Comes True

I don't know about you, but this reveal was pretty much the only reason I still watch this show.

Rings of Power Sauron
The mystery reaveal that actually made the show appealing | © Amazon Prime

The Rings of Power is Amazon's biggest show yet. Its production cost a sh*t ton of money, and the effects and so on look gorgeous! Too bad the writing is pretty bad, even though they try to defend it, and at some points it is just too over the top. The thing that kept me interested, though, was the mystery of who Sauron was going to be. I really wanted to know, how he tricked the different races of middle earth into accepting the rings of power.

It has been speculated within the fandom, that Sauron might be one of the characters, already introduced to us, like the stranger. The show actually intended for this, deliberately feeding the speculation with red herrings, clues and teases. Turns out, some fans actually managed to deduce Sauron's identity before the reveal.

The rest will be spoilers, so ... you have been warned.

If you need more time to think about whether you want to get spoiled, here is a funny, unrelated video:

Sauron Reveals Himself

In Rings of Power episode 8 we finally get to see the Dark Lord, eye to eye. Turns out, it was Halbrand all along, and he would have gotten away with it, if not for this meddling Galadriel! The episode starts by the Dweller confronting the Stranger to find out if he was the Sauron. Well, he wasn't. The Stranger is just a wizard, like Gandalf. The reveal happens, as Galadriel grows suspicious of Halbrand, because of his keen interest in Celebrimbor's craft. She investigates his origins, which proves he lied, and then goes to confront him.

As she does so, he simply reveals his true identity? Really? Guess there was no point in lying, but that was easy. Well, not exactly, as he absolutely demolishes her ass, when she tries to fight him. She gets put into some kind of trance and Sauron tries to persuade her into becoming his queen.

Wait ... Sauron had a thing for Galadriel?! Is that canon? Guess that's why he made all those rings. He liked it, then he tried to put a ring on it, Beyoncé style.

Sauron be like... | © SME / EarlyGame.

Doesn't Galadriel actually wear one of those rings of power? Bruh ...

Anyway, Sauron has been revealed, and it seems, he is a Galadriel simp. He already set his plans for the rings of power in motion, but I guess we will get more of that in the next season. There has got to be a next season, right? I mean, House of the Dragon has already been renewed for a second season! We need answers!