Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse New Trailer - All Spider-Man Versions

With the new trailer of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, we got a look at some new versions of our beloved hero.

Spiderman versions across the spiderverse
There are lots of Easter Eggs hidden in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse | © Sony

A new Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailer just dropped and damn it was packed full of Easter eggs and fun callbacks to Spidey's comic history, just like Into the Spider-Verse. So let's go through it and find all the different versions of our web-swinging hero.

Now we won't mention the ones, we are already familiar with from the first movie like Miles Morales, Peter B. Parker and Spider-Gwen. This article is for the new surprises in stock for us.

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse - All Variants

There are a lot of different Spider-Heroes in the trailer from all over media. We have comic, TV and games represented. So the chance is high that you do the Leonardo pointing meme at least once while watching it.

First off, let's talk about the one bringing everything together. Spider-Man 2099 is shown to be the leader of the Spider collective. Originally, he appeared in the "2099" comics in the early 90s. His name is Miguel O'Hara and he is a scientist. We already saw him in the post-credits scene of the first movie. From what we know, he invented a device to travel to different universes safely.

Next is an iconic comic figure in Spider-Woman. Interestingly, she wasn't bitten by a radioactive spider and doesn't swing around. Instead, flying is more her thing. She has appeared in many different comic lines, and in the movie she appears to be pregnant. We also see a glimpse of another version of her in the original comic outfit in the pile of Spider people.

Spiderwoman across the spiderverse
Now, that's what I call an entrance! | © Sony

Similarly, Spider-Punk is here to rock our world. He originates from the very first Spider-Verse events in Marvel Comics. As a homeless teenager, Hobart Brown got exposed to a bit of radioactive waste from good old Oscorp. This leads to his emergence as a superhero. Most likely, he will play a larger role in this movie and make a bit of noise.

Another famous comic version is Scarlet Spider, and this one is actually Peter Parker related! Essentially, he is a clone of him named Ben Reilly. His story has a lot of twists and caused both Peter and himself many sleepless nights. I don't want to take too much from The Clone Saga away, but it is definitely worth diving into. In the end he is a hero and deserves to be part of the collective.

A hero is needed not only in New York, so give it up for Spider-Man India. Pavitr Prabhakar was a gifted kid until a yogi gave him his spider powers. But instead of going into hero mode, he used his powers selfishly until his actions killed his uncle. No uncles are allowed to survive, apparently.

Spiderman india across the spiderverse
What magnificent hair! | © Sony

Looking to the future, Spider-Byte is a version straight out of a world similar to "Ready Player One". So people live and interact in this virtual world and where there are lots of people, there is crime. So we have here as a virtual hero stopping cyber crime.

The one Spider-Man we immediately spotted was of course the PS4 version. His costume is easily identifiable and seems to have a 3D feel to it. With him, we have our very first Peter Parker on the list. It took surprisingly long. Now we all know his standard suit, but we can actually spot different costumes from the game in the trailer.

And those are all the main versions we found. There are a few more that might be references to the various animated series. But what we can definitely tell is that the movie sets out to walk a fine balance between emotional storytelling and comedic moments.

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