Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Release Date Leaked By Main Actor

One of the main actors in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 accidentally revealed the game's release date on social media.

Spider Man 2
Spider-Man 2 is coming very soon, according to a curious leak. | © Sony

The second edition of Insomniac Games' hit series depicting the adventures of Spider-Man is heading our way. During the adventure, you'll be able to take on the role of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. We got good news, if you can't wait for the release: It turns out that we don't have to wait too long.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Game Release Date Leaked by Tony Todd

Tony Todd is an experienced actor, but has also recently become a leaker. His portfolio includes appearances in the "Candyman" series, while gamers have already been able to hear him in a number of titles(including Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Layers of Fear 2, Half-Life: Alyx, Back 4 Blood), and soon we will be able to check out his performance in Insomniac Games' new game – he plays the role of Venom.

MSM2 Reveal Venom 4 K Legal scaled
Do you like the new incarnation of Tony Todd? | © Insomniac Games and Marvel

Sony and Insomniac Games may be following the actor's social media posts with disbelief, as Tony Todd, responding to a question from one follower, mentioned that the release month of Spider-Man 2 is September and that an extensive marketing promotion is coming in August.

Of course, the above news is not the final announcement made by Insomniac Games or the main division of PlayStation, so this is not technically the official date yet.

On the other hand, we are sure that the actor is aware of when the production will hit the market and the promotional campaign will begin, so we can expect the Spider-Man 2 game to releaswin September.

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