Squid Game Star To Lead New Star Wars Show

According to a Deadline report, Squid Game's Lee Jung-jae will star in the upcoming Star Wars show "The Acolyte".

Squid Game Star Wars
Someone got some Squid Game in my Star Wars! | © Disney / Netflix

"Squid Game" was one of the biggest TV sensations in the last years, completely blowing up and taking the world by storm. After attracting millions of viewers and earning over a dozen Emmy nominations, the show's actors have become world-famous. And it was only a matter of time, until they would feature in huge American productions. It now looks like that time has come, as one of the show's biggest stars is set to be the lead in the next Star Wars show.

Squid Game Breakout Added To Star Wars Cast

According to a Deadline report, Lee Jung-jae will be the male lead in the upcoming Star Wars show "The Acolyte". After years of staring in South Korean films and becoming famous there, Lee Jung-jae had his breakout moment internationally after playing Seong Gi-hun in Squid Game.

"The Acolyte" is currently in pre-production and not much is known about the project yet. It is being described by Disney and LucasFilm as a "mystery thriller" and will feature Leslye Headland of "Russian Doll" fame as the series director, writer, exec producer and showrunner.

However, it is still unknown, when "The Acolyte" will release. Details on the character played by Lee Jung-jae and his co-star Jodie Turner-Smith have also not been unveiled yet. We're excited to see a potentially grittier Star Wars story and hope Lee Jung-jae will be as good in his international debut as we expect him to be.