Stranger Things Season 5: Will Eddie Munson Return?

Stranger Things Season 4 was one of the most viewed Netflix shows in 2022 and has become one of the most iconic shows of the 2020s. One of the people that made the season so great was Eddie Munson, but... have we seen enough of him already?

Eddie Munson Stranger Things
Will we see him in Season 5? | © Netflix

Eddie Munson... one of the most iconic characters from Stranger Things Season 4. Seriously, he's so iconic that our video editor printed out an image of him and we now have a small poster of him in our office... that's how impactful this character was.

He wormed his way into the fans hearts in the fourth season of Stranger Things, with fans even starting a petition to bring him back in the fifth season but will show runners listen to the fans and bring him back, or will we have to live with the few episodes we got of him in Season 4?

Joseph Quinn Reveals Whether Eddie Munson Will Return For Fifth Season

Joseph Quinn, who played Eddie Munson in the show was asked, in a GQ interview, what every single Stranger Things fan wanted to know which was whether Eddie would return in the fifth season.

Yeah, I’ve said I don’t know because I really don’t know. Shawn Levy has said it publicly. I think [his return] would be very, very, very unlikely. He seems pretty fucking dead to me.

So while we are all hoping for a return of Eddie it seems highly unlikely that the showrunners of Stranger Things will be bringing him back in the next season, but anything is still possible, especially with a show like Stranger things.

Even Quinn still has some semblance of hope for Eddie to make a return, though it is highly unlikely, "By no means am I ruling it out. That’s a decision for the grown-ups to make. But Stranger Things was doing fine without Eddie. I think they’ll be fine next season without him, too."

Whether Eddie returns is still unknown, but we should keep our expectations low for this one. He has a special place in our hearts, but that might just remain that. His arc was wonderful and ended perfectly, so wouldn't bringing him back ruin that anyway?

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