Someone Recreated Stranger Things in Halo & It Looks Amazing

Check out how someone recreated the Upside Down from Stranger Things in Halo Infinite's Forge mode.

Halo Infinite Stranger Thigns
The Upside Down in Halo Infinite, cool as heck. | © Microsoft / Infinite Forges via Twitter

Halo insider and level designer Alex Rodriguez recreated the Upside Down from the Netflix's hit show Stranger Things inside Halo Infinite, and we're loving it. Alex works as a level artist for Gearbox and is one of the lucky few who can play the current closed beta of Forge in Halo Infinite. Forge is Halo's version of a level editor, the version for Halo Infinite hasn't fully launched yet. Get ready for a shock when it does though, as this video by Alex shows how impressive the technology is.

Stranger Things Recreated In Halo Editor

Forge has been looking very impressive lately, and here we have the latest example of it. On his Twitter and YouTube account called Infinite Forges, Alex posted a short clip of his latest creations in Forge. Watch his amazing version of the Upside Down inside Halo Infinite:

This looks absolutely incredible. Almost all the design in this is handmade by Alex: the tentacles, the lighting and the gate at the end. I just binged a few seasons of Stranger Things and seeing this just made me so happy. I'm super excited to see more amazing creations like this in Halo Infinite's Forge and hopefully play them myself soon. The mode is supposed to come out in September during season 2 of Halo Infinite.