Halo Streamer Beats 'Impossible Challenge' & Earns Thousands of Dollars

Twitch streamer JerVaLin is the first person in the world to beat the 'impossible challenge' in Halo 2, earning him thousands of dollars.

Halo 2
Someone beat the 'impossible challenge' in Halo 2. | © Microsoft

Congratulations to JerVaLin: the Twitch streamer and speedrunner beat the so-called 'impossible challenge' in Halo 2, which means playing through the game on legendary, the toughest difficulty, with all skulls enabled except "Envy". JerVaLin is the first player to ever beat the game in this mode, earning him a $20,000 reward. 20K for being good at Halo... if only I knew that earlier...

Streamer Beats Mad Halo 2 Challenge

If you haven't followed this whole story, let me quickly get you up to speed: last month, Cr1tikal set up this challenge, offering the $20,000 reward since he thought it was impossible. Well, Mission: Impossible has been achieved, by none other than one of the best Halo speedrunners of all time.

This so-called LASO playthrough is the toughest way to play any Halo game, since most of the skulls introduce handicaps and variations to the gameplay, that make a playthrough much more difficult. Enemies hit harder, have double health and dying resets your entire progress. Halo 2 has been infamous for being among the most difficult ones and Cr1tikal made it even harder by excluding the "Envy" skull, which allows players to turn invisible. Apparently it still wasn't difficult enough for JerVaLin though.

JerVaLin beat the challenge on his livestream on August 3rd, which you can (and should) check out here. At the time of writing, it has almost 130,000 views, a crazy amount. And understandably so: everyone should see for themselves how the madman is doing it.