How To Ban Someone On Twitch

You have a Twitch channel or want to make one? You want to be a moderator, maybe even for Pokimane or Amouranth? Would be a lot of work in that case, but if you want to, I can show you how to ban people in chat nonetheless.

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Wouldn't it be great if you could just mute the annoying kid in class? Even better, make sure you wouldn't have to see his antics either! Welcome to the ban function of Twitch-Chat.

How To Ban Viewers As A Streamer On Twitch

Have you ever asked yourself: how do I start streaming on Twitch? You should first learn how to keep your chat civil. If you want to become a successful streamer, you first have to cultivate a community. Banning on Twitch allows you to do pretty much exactly that. Thanks to the ban function, you won't have to deal with harassment to the same extent because you can just ban the responsible user from participating in the chat. You therefore plug the bad apples contaminating the tree, or whatever the phrase is.

Who can do that, you ask? Well, the owner of the channel, a.k.a. the streamer. Oh, and the Simps, uhm, I mean, moderators, who get appointed as such by the streamer.

But let's start from the beginning because before the moderators or the streamer even gets to see the messages, they can get filtered by a tool called AutoMod. This allows the streamer to set a base on what is okay in their chat and what isn't. This ranges from no moderation at all, to even being called out for calling someone an idiot. Which let's be real, some people just deserve to be called.

Anyway, AutoMod helps a ton in filtering toxic comments by calling them out. Like a snitch! Mods and streamers get notified that a person has been a bit naughty by AutoMod highlighting the message, and then get to decide what punishment to enact.

If you're a decent person like me *cough,* then you probably have never been banned, just notified that your comment has been deleted. Didn't want those feet pics anyway...

If you have been a little naughtier, you might get timed out from the chat for a little while. Not too bad, but it gets you thinking, that maybe what you said was a little inappropriate.

When someone crosses the line though, you ban that son of a probably lovely mother, I don't know her, from participating in the chat! If you are the streamer, your moderators can do that for you. If you are the moderator, well, then that's your job.

It's probably best to give them a small timeout first, though. To do so, just type:

/timeout {Username} {Seconds}

The mentioned user will then be unable to use the chat for the set amount of time. If the user doesn't learn and continues being a naughty little viewer, you can just ban him for good. To do so, just type:

/ban {Username}

And you're good.

You can also unban users with the command:

/unban {Username}

But why would you do that? You just got rid of that little nuisance.

Just recently, Twitch launched a new tool to make banning people even easier.

This allows you to preemptively restrict users that got banned in other channels automatically. All you have to do is link up with them. If you want to read more about this, here is the article: