Over 100 Players Arrested During PUBG Tournament

Over 100 people have been arrested during a live PUBG Mobile tournament. The event was forced to end early, and police are still going questioning the suspects. Here's why they were arrested, and how you can avoid getting in trouble yourself!

100 arrested pubg
The biggest esports scandal of the year so far? | © Wikipedia / KRAFTON

For some bizarre reason, the battle royale game Player Unknown's Battleground is banned in Bangladesh. Okay, it's not that bizarre, it just seems like a strange target. But the government's reasoning is simple: the game is harmful and addictive.

There's nothing strictly offensive or religiously insensitive about PUBG, but it's deemed to be too addictive for the authorities in Bangladesh. As such, PUBG has been illegal to play since August 2021. So guess what some students decided to do? Host a massive LAN event for PUBG. Classic.

Players Arrested During PUBG Tournament

As first reported by Ogro, students came to compete in a PUBG tournament in Chuadanga, and when the local police found out, they raided the venue and arrested over a 108 people. Of those arrested, 24 have been verified as adults and will be sentenced to a couple of nights in jail, while the others' ages are still being checked by police. If anyone is found to be under 18, then they won't be sentenced as harshly.

The players reportedly travelled from all over Bangladesh just to be there:

According to the police report, on Tuesday night, hundreds of teenagers and youths came to Chuadanga from different districts of the country to participate in the Pubg Game which is banned by Bangladesh Government.

They participated PUBG games competition full night at a community center in the Shohortoli Daulatdia area. After getting such news, Police entered the community center and arrest 108 teenagers who participated in the PUBG tournament.

The whole thing seems absurd, especially when you compare PUBG to more outwardly violent and offensive games. But if those were the laws on the books, the police could hardly ignore such a massive event. Let's just hope all the players make it out safely.

...and when the players do return home they'll have a story worth of a Netflix adaption...