This Is The Most Offensive Game In History

The Kyle Rittenhouse shooter game has somehow been given the green light and is now available for download in Steam. Players can use 18 different weapons to slay liberals. Everyone is offended.

"They tried to frame him...they failed", read the opening lines of the game's intro. | © Nordic Empire Games

Stop. Before you go back or close this tab. This isn't an April's fool joke, or just some obscure mod to a popular game. This story is actually true. A shooter game that lets you plays as Kyle Rittenhouse is available now.

If you don't know who Kyle Rittenhouse is, we'll try to explain as quickly as possible. During the unrest in America in the summer of 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse left his home one evening to join a sort of militia group who were ostensibly going out to protect businesses in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He was armed, and when things got heated between the protestors and the militia group, he began to run away. A few protestors caught up to him, but before they could do anything, the shots rang out and Kyle had killed two of them and injured a third.

What followed was one of the most publicized trials in recent history. His legal team claimed that he had acted in self-defense, while the prosecution argued that he put himself in that situation deliberately, and was therefore culpable of murder. He was acquitted of the crimes, and in the spirit of celebration (we presume) a small Swedish game dev released a shooter that allows you to play as Kyle Rittenhouse.

What Is The Kyle Rittenhouse Shooter "Acquitted"?

In the game Acquitted, you play as the "hero" Kyle Rittenhouse trying to return home from Kenosha. In practice, it's basically a horde survival game, but the zombies aren't actually the undead, they're the "braindead", which by the game's definition includes Antifa, BLM, and communists. You have 18 different weapons at your disposal, and a randomly generated map to "stand your ground" on.

It's a far-right fantasy played out in a low-budget video game, and you can try it yourself for $8 on Steam. It's not original or very fun, but Acquitted will still appeal to the kind of people that this game was designed for.

How Have The Community Responded To The Kyle Rittenhouse Game?

Most commentators were horrified when Acquitted first launched, but the game has received "overwhelmingly positive" reviews on Steam. Is this a case of liberal game journalists being out-of-touch? The classic discrepancy between user reviews and critical reviews?

We think it more likely that the game's player base are just happy to be a part of something so controversial. One of the reviews for instance, from user Lexuz, simply states, "Dead commies make me happy". And 190 people found this review helpful.

Frankly, the game looks quite boring once you get over the initial shock factor. If it is the kind of game you want to try though, be quick because we would be surprised if this stays on Steam much longer...