Stranger Things-like Game in Development at Eidos

Eidos is working on a new game that seems to take some inspiration from Stranger Things. Here's what we know.

Stranger things game kids on bike eidos
Why isn't there a big game for this yet? | © Randall Reis-Zacarias. ArtStation

Eidos is back in action, and then some. They recently revealed that a new Deus Ex is indeed happening (ok, it was leaked, but hey... potato, potato - wait, doesn't work in writing), and now they are working on a new game that seems to attempt to cash in on the Stranger Things Hype: Kids on bikes. Ok, that's not the official name, but that's what the game seems to be about.

Stranger Things-Like Game Coming from Eidos

If the video above is not time-stamped for you, then skip to 21:40 for the good bit. So what is this game gonna be on? Some are screaming Paper Boy revival, and I'm thinking Paper Girls game adaption. That's not me doing a gender thing, no, there legit is an old Game Boy game called Paper Boy, and Paper Girls is a great comic turned into a terrible TV series.

Who knows, maybe it's even an official Stranger Things game adaption... at this point it could be anything because aside from "kids on bikes" we don't have anything to go on. Certainly marketing this as a Stranger Things-like game woud do wonders, considering how hype the show is, so I'm guessing that's what Eidos is going to do when they reveal more at an unspecified time.