Street Artist Goes On Racist Rant After Streamer Films His Work

A Twitch streamer was racially abused by a street artist for filming his artwork.

Streamer faced with racist street artist | © bigcocobuns

During her recent IRL broadcast, Twitch streamer "bigcocobuns" was harassed by a street artist, who went on a racist rant after she filmed his artwork.

IRL streams, short for "In Real Life" streams, refer to live broadcasts where streamers engage with their audience while sharing their real-life experiences. These streams capture a wide range of activities and are notorious for their unpredictable nature, leading to all kinds of dangerous encounters.

Twitch Streamer Runs Off As New York Street Artist Insults Her

The Situation happened on May 10, as bigcocobuns was roaming the streets of New York.

The streamer was doing a typical IRL stream admiring some artwork, when the artist got upset at her for filming his work without his permission.

Even though the streamer told him that she just wanted to share his work and even offered to promote his art, he quickly shut her down, saying:“Well, look, I didn’t ask you to share my stuff. I didn’t tell you to do this.”

From there on out, the situation got even worse, as the artist went on a racist tirade, shouting how he "didn’t ask [her] to come to America to steal our work”, repeatedly calling the streamer a “Chinese cockroach”.

Coco quickly tried to escape the situation, but the artist followed her for a while, shouting at her, while shoving his phone in her face.

Sadly, this isn't the first time an Asian streamer was faced with a racist outburst during an IRL broadcast. IRL streams often have nasty surprises in store that don't necessarily have to be motivated by racist agendas. Still, this was an upsetting clip that will hopefully result in a lot of support for the streamer.

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