Mizkif Tells Small Streamers To “Do Better”

Mizkif tells smaller streamers to stop blaming Twitch for their lacking growth.

Mizkif Smaller Streamers
Mizkif tells small Twitch streamers to stop complaining | © Mizkif

During a recent broadcast, Twitch star and OTK member Mizkif was talking about smaller streamers and how it is not Twitch's fault they're not growing. Instead, he tells them to “do better” by building a community outside the popular platform.

Mizkif is best known for his entertaining and comedic content, mainly centering around guest appearances and collaborations. With a large following on Twitch and YouTube, he covers a variety of topics including gaming, reaction videos, and IRL streams.

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Mizkif's charm, quick wit, and humorous commentary have made him a beloved figure in the streaming community, even though recent scandals have hurt his image quite a bit.

Mizkif Explains Why It's not Twitch's Fault Some Streamers Stay "Small"

On May 8, Mizkif went live on Twitch doing his usual react content. One of the YouTube videos he was watching commented on the current state of Twitch, criticizing how smaller suffered from lacking discoverability.

Mizkif disagreed with this statement, stating how he thinks small streamers stay small because they don't do a good job.

“I think most streamers are small streamers because they are not good streamers. And I think not only that, I think Twitch has done a way better job over the years with recommended, 30 day, and a lot of other stuff, I think that it is 100% fine now.”

As one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, you could argue that Mizkif knows what he's talking about, but on the other hand, tons of other big channels have claimed that the competition on Twitch is more fierce than ever before.

There are still streamers that have found great success recently, like Ludwig and Kai Cenat, but for every one person that makes it, there are thousands that don't.

This is probably why Mizkif comes off as a d*ck when he calls small creators out like that.

“I know people wanna bi*** and complain and say ‘oh, I’m a small streamer and I don’t get any viewers’, yeah, do better. I don’t know what to tell you, go on TikTok, make more TikToks, do more YouTube shorts, try to grow outside the platform,”

He might have a point by saying that viewers prefer to join already established communities, but blaming content creators for not going viral is a little much.

Content creators desperately try to create engaging content, and Mizkif calls them out for not doing enough? Bruh...:

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