"I'm Going In Akimbo": YouTuber Faces Backlash After Spraying Gamers With Deodorant

Australian YouTuber Boggles is sunder fire for disrespectful behavior at DreamHack Melbourne, spraying deodorant all over the place.

DreamHack is famous for being an event where gamers can come together and share their love for gaming. Apparently, the YouTuber Boggles didn't like the smell at the venue too much and decided to walk around, spaying deodorant everywhere. The people there didn't appreciate that too much.

YouTuber Gets Banned From DreamHack For Tasteless Prank

In his VLog of DreamHack Melbourne, the YouTuber Boggles filmed himself walking across the event with a deodorant in each hand, spraying multiple cans into the air. It didn't take too long for a DreamHack employee to ask him to stop, as people were obviously annoyed at his antics.

The cliché of gamers smelling bad is widely known, and is probably what inspired the YouTuber to his tasteless prank.

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Shortly after he uploaded his video, he faced backlash online, with one comment pointing out how people suffering from asthma could have suffered “a severe asthma attack” under these conditions.

Boggles even got called out for his behavior by the Official account for the Australian branch of ESL, explaining that: “Individuals who create content at the expense of others, and who potentially risk the safety of others in the course of doing so, will most likely find themselves unwelcome at future events we hold”

Boggles himself later confirmed that he has been banned from DreamHack for his behavior in his response, which was... underwhelming. Let's just say he didn't learn his lesson.

The competition on YouTube can be fierce, with people going to great lengths to stand out and amass a following. Most of the time it's simply annoying for the people involved (like in this case), but it can also be outright dangerous in certain situations.

It's important for creators to be responsible and consider the potential impact of their actions on themselves and their audience.

Some content creators really just go way to far for their content, just look at this dude:

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