"Bring Back Child Labor": Hasan Slams Bill Clinton Kid

During a recent stream Hasan clashed with the Bill Clinton Kid, Matan Even and decided he has had enough of his shenanigans.

Hasan Bill Clinton Kid
Hasan has the death glare looking ath the Bill Clinton Kid! | © HasanAbi

Hasan was recently out picketing in support for the Writers Guild of America, when he got stream sniped by Matan Even (the Bill Clinton Kid that crashed the Game Awards). Now the two of them are beefing on Twitter, and Hasan just ended this man's whole career.

Hasan Lashes Out At Matan Even After He Crashed His Stream

On May 4, Hasan was joining the Writers Guild of America in their protest, supporting them with $500 worth of pizza and marching alongside them, promoting their message.

While doing so, he was faced with the Bill Clinton Kid, Matan Even, crashing his stream and trying to undermine him by saying:

We love landlords, we love them a lot. We’re all against unions. They’re not fair to the corporate companies. This is a crazy protest.

In the clip, you can already see how annoyed Hasan was getting with the kid, giving him the death glare but keeping his composure.

Matan Even didn't stop there and even tried to capitalize on the situation on Twitter. But that forced Hasan to take off the gloves and roast the kid, Tweeting: “ight nvm maybe children DO deserve the coal mines”.

Obviously, Hasan is not an advocate of child labor, but looking at how annoyed he got with the stream sniper, he probably had to blow off a little steam.

The two of them have been going back and forth on Twitter, with Matan Even accusing Hasan of threatening him with a pole, while Hasan claims he asked him to "to step aside politely".

Matan Even has been desperately trying to stay relevant by crashing IRL streams of famous streamers, like Kai Cenat & xQc and now Hasan. Doing so, he repeatedly annoyed the popular creators, but has now met his match (thank god).

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