Twitch Streamer Goes Full Rambo & Responds To Gunfire With His Own Rifle

Twitch streamer 50calapr had his broadcast interrupted by gunshots, but knew exactly how to respond.
Rambo Streamer
I guess you better not f*ck with this streamer | © 50calapr

Twitch streamers sure don't have it easy. It seems like quite a lot of them have to live in pretty bad neighborhoods, at least according to all the gunshot stories that keep popping up. The Escape from Tarkov streamer 50calapr on the other hand was oddly well-prepared for that exact scenario.

Streamer Grabs Rifle As Drive-By Shooting Interrupts His Broadcast

The situation happened while 50calapr was doing an Escape from Tarkov stream.

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While connecting to a server, his broadcast was suddenly interrupted by the sound of gunshots. Instead of taking cover, the streamer quickly grabbed an assault rifle that was mounted on the wall behind him and walks out of the frame.

In an Interview with Dexerto, the streamer explained that “by the time I got to the door in the hallway of the apartments they were already gone, so I put the rifle away and went out to make sure that no one needed first aid”.

Apparently he is very close with the other people in the apartment and wanted to make sure that everybody was alright.

During the interview, the streamer also explained that he is living in a pretty rough neighborhood in Lexington, where the police even urges citizens to stay at home at night.

That doesn't sound like a great place to live, but as a smaller Twitch streamer and full-time med student, money's a little tight.

For a video recap of situation, you can check out this video:

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