Kai Cenat Hints At Move To Kick: Just A Troll?

Kai Cenat made the title of his most recent Twitch stream green, a clear reference to Kick. Is the latest king of streaming moving to Kick, or is this all a troll?

Kai Cenat Instagram
Will Kai Cenat move to Kick? | © Kai Cenat via Instagram

Kai Cenat came out of nowhere and took over Twitch. In fact, he now has one of the most-watched channels on the entire platform. His streams are usually a fun chat with the community and a few celebrity guests (although sometimes it gets wild, like when he got a handjob).

So, if Kai Cenat is doing so well on Twitch, why would he move to Kick? Has Adin Ross finally persuaded him to move to the 4chan of streaming?

Kai Cenat Teases Move To Kick

Kai Cenat gave his most recent stream a green title, which led many fans to believe he was going to announce a move to Kick, but it seems like this was just a troll. As he said during the opening moments of the stream:

I know that y’all see that green in my title, right? That green is for f*cking Minecraft!

So, for now at least, Kai is not moving to Kick.

Will he in the future? He definitely might. Although Kick might seem more risky, Kai Cenat is too popular to fail at this point. He could try Kick out, and if he doesn't like it he could return to Twitch (where he would have very little issue getting to tens of thousands of active subs again).

And if he does move to Kick he can do mad sh*t like this:

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