Kai Cenat Got An Anaconda To Help Him Slither Back Onto Twitch | Nicki Minaj Steps In

Nicki Minaj defends Twitch streamer Kai Cenat who was banned from the platform and offers to collaborate with him, while displaying a protective stance like that of an anaconda.

Kai Cenat Anaconda
Kai Cenat got promiment support | © Instagram

Guess who's got Kai Cenat's back on Twitch? None other than the one and only, world-famous rapper Nicki Minaj! Kai got hit with a surprise Twitch ban, but Nicki is defending him like an anaconda defends her young. The ban could be due to "simulated sexual activity" in GTA RP, but Nicki is demanding that Twitch should "let the boy rock". Looks like Kai has a new celebrity ally in his corner.

Kai Cenat has found himself a new bodyguard in the form of Nicki Minaj, she is ready to strike at anyone who messes with him. With Nicki's anaconda-like defense against Twitch, Kai better watch out. Let's just hope that Nicki doesn't start coiling around him too tightly. It's one thing to be protected, but it's another thing to be suffocated by the hug of a celebrity.

Kai Cenat Got An Anaconda To Help Him Slither Back Onto Twitch | Nicki Minaj Steps In

Nicki Minaj has come to the defense of Twitch streamer Kai Cenat who was recently banned from the platform. In response to the ban, Nicki expressed frustration and even offered to collaborate with Kai by going live with him dressed in her finest threads. She also promised to reach out to the Twitch sub record holder about their potential collaboration.

Nicki didn't stop there – she directly addressed Twitch and pleaded with them to stop banning Kai, asking them to "please" leave him alone. As of now, Kai is still banned on Twitch, but with Nicki on his side, he's got a powerful ally. Hopefully, he'll be back to streaming soon, ready to rock the platform with the support of her who's as protective as an anaconda.

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