Man Tries To Steal From Streamer's Car With Her Still In It

While doing an IRL stream, this streamer caught somebody trying to steal from her car live on camera.

Thumbnail Llunark
This dude got zero stealth. | © Llunaclark

Twitch streamer Llunaclark was just doing a regular IRL stream, when she caught a man trying to steal from her car, while she was talking to chat. Luckily, a text-to-speech donation was able to warn her about the man searching through her purse in broad daylight.

Llunaclark is a Spanish streamer that mainly does Just Chatting and Travel & Outdoor content on Twitch. Both of these come with their fair share of risks, as you never know what could happen out in the open like that.

LlunaClark Left Speechless As Man Breaks Into The Car She Is Sitting In

On April 19, 2023, Llunaclark witnessed first hand how unpredictable IRL streams can be, when a man tried to steal sh*t from her car, while she was still sitting in there.

If you don't want to read through the story and instead have it narrated to you by one of our coworkers:

Lluna was talking to the chat with the camera facing her, when the stream catches a guy walking up to the car, opening the door and searching through her belongings.

The streamer didn't notice this, until someone in chat used some of his money to make a text-to-speech donation, warning her. Llunaclark then yelled at the thief, causing him to close the door and… casually walk away.

Lluna quickly turned the camera to show the attempting thief walk off, as she recollected her thoughts and looked if he was able to get his hands on anything.

Afterward, she simply continued her broadcast as if nothing happened (but still made sure to lock the doors tightly).

IRL streamers always have to be aware of the wildest possible situations, but I guess this is also part of the thrill that makes this category so entertaining to watch.

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