9/10 Dentists Wouldn`t Recommend This | MadiHunni Breaks Teeth During Pool Stream

Twitch streamer MadiHunni had a gnarly accident, while doing a pool stream on Kick, with fellow content creator Ac7ionMann.

Thumbnail Madi Hunni
MadiHunni kisses the floor and parts of her front teeth said goodbye | © MadiHunni

During a broadcast on Kick, Twitch streamer MadiHunni had a bad experience, kissing the floor and parts of her front teeth goodbye. While joining Kick streamer Ac7ionMann on his broadcast, the 25-year-old slipped and fell, right on her pretty face.

Kick has established itself as a competitor to Twitch, by offering creators a better revenue split and more freedom. Even, though, they're now planning to crack down harder on nudity & sexual acts (pretty much their biggest selling point for viewers).

Guess we won't have to worry about the hot tub streams, as they continue to thrive (even on Twitch) and continue to provide “high quality” content.

Twitch Streamer Smashed Her Teeth During Pool Stream

The accident happened when MadiHunni was featured on Ac7ionMann's channel in Kick. During the stream they, and another girl, were hanging out, just having a good time. Until they weren't!

After turning up the music, MadiHunni hurried back to the other side of the pool, when she slipped and fell, resulting in her losing parts of her front teeth.

She immediately started to check the damage, walking up to the camera to get a better look, while the others asked whether she was okay.

MadiHunni was quick to regain her posture, asking: “Can someone drop some subs for my busted a** tooth?” (drop, LUL).

  • If you want to support Madi with a sub, you get a free sub for having Amazon Prime.

If somebody ever asks you, “what's the worst that could happen?”, just show them the video to shut them up.

It's not all bad, though, as she receives a lot of support from people online, some even offering to help her pay to repair her teeth.

It is good to see that Madi is taking the situation like a champ and gets a lot of support. We will probably see her come back stronger than ever with a perfect smile after her visit to the dentist.

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