Who TF Is Jynxzi? The Streamer Who Surpassed xQc & Kai Cenat

A new number one has been born on Twitch, with Jynxzi beating xQc for the top streamer spot on Twitch.

Jynxzi twitch number one
Jynxzi is now Twitch's top streamer by beating xQc and Kai Cenat | © Jynxzi

Twitch has brought forth many legendary streamers that are universally known. Everyone has heard of Ninja, xQc and Kai Cenat. But none of them are the number 1 streamer on the platform anymore, as they have officially been dethroned out of nowhere. So you might ask yourself: who is Jynxzi, and what is he streaming?

Rainbow Six Streamer Jynxzi Becomes Twitch's Number One

If you know Jynxzi, then it is from his Rainbow Six streams. R6 is his game of choice, and you can find him streaming it almost every day for hours on end. Afterward, he makes them into funny moments and posts them on YouTube or TikTok. While R6 is not known for its massive viewership, his streams are well watched.

Interestingly, Jynxzi has never been involved in any kind of drama typical of popular Twitch streamers. Honestly, it's been very quiet around him, which might be the reason many did not see his rise coming.

Here is an example of one typical Twitch streamer drama:

His reaction to hitting number one is very wholesome as he celebrated with his chat and even tried to call his mom.

Chat, I just… dude… I just hit number one on Twitch, bro! I… yo, this is like, I’m like, shaking, bro! Oh, my god, bro! Chat, we just hit number one on Twitch, bro. I just hit number one on Twitch, bro.

After 4 years of hard grind, Jynxzi has conquered Twitch and if you want to support him further, maybe leave a Twitch Prime sub for him.

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