Streamers Shave Their Heads In Support Of Kyedae's Cancer Treatment

After Kyedae had to shave her head because of her cancer treatment, several streamers have stepped up, shaving their heads to show their support.
Thumbnail Mizkif Kyedae
Streamers shave their heads to show support. | © Mizkif, Kyedae; 39Daph

Twitch can be a shithole full of scandals and drama. Sometimes, though, there are wholesome moments that restore your faith in humanity.

After the popular Valorant streamer, Kyedae shaved her head before starting cancer treatment, multiple streamers have decided to show their support by shaving their own hair, including the likes of TenZ, 39Daph and Mizkif.

  • If you want to donate some money to Kyedae the best way to do so is probably with a Twitch sub. If you want to get a free sub, you can drop her a Prime sub with the Amazon Prime 30 day trial membership (she gets all the money there).

It hasn't been that long since Kyedae revealed her cancer diagnosis to the public. She also talked about how the treatment would lead to hair loss and that she was considering shaving it before.

Mizkif & Others Shave Their Heads To Show Support For Kyedae Amid Cancer Treatment

On April 15, Kyedae uploaded a picture of her and 39Daph, showing the two of them with awesome Pepe The Frog hats and a buzz-cut. Daph is an absolute queen for this one!

How many other content creators might join them is still not clear, but fellow streamer Mizkif was up to the task, shaving his head live on stream.

To be honest, it looks pretty decent, but we're not quite sure if his motives are all that pure. Mizkif is well known within the streaming community to exploit drama for attention.

Nonetheless, it is a nice gesture, and we're sure any kind of support is welcome for Kyedae. She previously opened up about how much she struggled with her diagnosis in a heartbreaking stream, so she probably appreciates it.

If it is just for clout, though, it sure is one of the scummiest things he pulled in a long time!

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