Twitch Streamer Broadcasts Man Almost Falling From Cliff

Twitch IRL streamer MeesterKeem witnessed a shocking moment, when a man almost fell to his death while walking on a mountain trail.

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This man almost died... | © MeesterKeem

During an IRL broadcast, trekking up a mountain in Vietnam, the Twitch streamer MeesterKeem caught a man slipping and almost falling to his death on camera.

On that particular stream, MeesterKeem was exploring Vietnam, visiting a temple in Ninh Bình, eventually climbing the (not quite safe looking) path up to Hang Mua Peak, a popular tourist spot.

Man Almost Falls Down A Cliff During Livestream

The narrow path up the mountain doesn't really look safe, though. This got shown even more clear, when someone located in front of the streamer wanted to backtrack a bit, slipped and fell.

Seeing the man slip, MeesterKeem and his chat immediately panicked, fearing that he might tumble down the mountain. Fortunately, the man fell onto the least spiky rocks, preventing him from falling off the edge of the mountain.

Although the man was left visibly shaken, he apparently only sustained minimal injuries from the fall. MeesterKeem and another climber assisted him in standing up and helped him get on his way back down the trail.

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After reaching the peak, MeesterKeem spent a few minutes there, but was understandably concerned about descending the trail. Maybe witnessing another person fall put him on edge a little.

Despite the rocky terrain, he even considered removing his shoes, stating that they were slippery and that he might have better footing without them.

Eventually, MeesterKeem made his descent from a different side of the trail, where hehad to hold onto a chain to make his way down.

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This trail really didn't pull any punches, but luckily both MeesterKeem and the person that fell made it down the mountain safely (even though maybe a little bruised).

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