"They Don't Give A F*ck About Me": Teeqo Calls Out FaZe Clan For Disrespectful Behavior

First FaZe Rain, now FaZe Teeqo - content creators continue to speak out against FaZe Clan for their apparently exploitative practices.

Fa Ze Teeq
FaZe Clan is getting called out once more | © FaZe Teeq via YouTube

FaZe Clan has been in a lot of trouble as of late, with stock dropping below $1 and some of their content creators are now speaking out against the esports org. One of these content creators is FaZe Teeqo, who lashed out at the brand for not respecting their own members.

Teeqo has been a part of FaZe Clan for 12 years, going to great lengths to support the CSGO team, even investing his own money to help out.

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Teeqo Publicly Speaks Out Against Faze Clan

On March 12, Teeqo released a video, adding to FaZe Rain's statements, criticizing the clan for not caring about their members. Instead, the org invests a lot of time and money into branding, by getting celebrities like Snoop Dogg to join.

Here is what Teeqo said in the video:

Someone else can come in as late as last year, who’s not from this industry, never lifted a finger for FaZe, probably didn’t even know what FaZe was, and get three times the amount of shares that I have, and an annual salary that’s more money than I’ve ever been paid by FaZe.

The content creators, on the other hand, receive “fake promises” or get completely brushed aside, only receiving a minimal amount of support (if any at all).

One example of this was when Teeqo apparently put up $100,000 of his own money to help the org secure a roster for the team. Don't get it wrong, he eventually got reimbursed, but he claims that degree of support was just never reciprocated.

There's also the topic of him only ever signing one contract during his 12-years at FaZe, which was the very same oppressive contract Tfue sued them for.

After nullifying that contract, it looks like he just never got a new one. “I’ve been in this grey zone,” Teeqo explained. “No new deal, no new contract, nothing. I’m not getting paid for anything, I’m just in the middle”.

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Teeq is finally fed up with this kind of treatment. He ends his video requesting a decision be made by the FaZe Clan regarding his membership.

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