Valkyrae Offers To Pay For Weird Fan's Therapy After Repeated "Harassment"

During an online exchange, YouTube streamer Valkyrae came out as an absolute legend, staying kind despite repeated online harassment.

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, one of the biggest female content creators out there, recently offered pay for a weird fan's therapy after his repeated harassment online. Not only insulting him in the process, but doing so with style and kindness. The ultimate boss move!

Every content creator that has amassed a decent following has to deal with online harassment, it sucks, but for every couple thousand fans there's bound to be some weirdos.

As one of the biggest content creators on the internet, Valkyrae is no stranger to those kinds of people. Her inbox and DMs are probably filled to the brim with weird messages, so I bet she developed some tactics to deal with that.

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During a recent exchange online, though, Valkyrae proved to be the absolute master, by being kind (and throwing a little shade).

YouTuber Valkyrae Claps Back At User For Repeated “Harassment”

On March 7, she liked a tweet from an account that apparently repeatedly harassed the popular streamer.

Apparently Rae had blocked the user previously, but has now revamped her approach completely, going more into a “make love not war” direction.

Some other fans responded to her liking his tweet, saying “the only thing that can save him is therapy”.

In response, Valkyrae asked if she should offer to pay for his therapy, as he might not be able to afford it.

This is a textbook example of throwing shade without dropping to the same level as the person harassing her.

Whether she will actually pay for the therapy of this "fan" is still unclear (she might have just been messing around), but it is still a big W for the female YouTube icon.

Pokimane used a different approach to deal with her wardrobe malfunction and simply ignored it:

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