Amouranth's Estonian Stalker Tried To Break Into Her House... Again & Finally Got Arrested

Amouranth has many stalkers. One of them is a repeat offender from Estonia. He tried to break into her home (again) last night, but when he couldn't, he left a package and a mysterious key.

Amouranth Stalker
One of Amouranth's stalkers just tried to break into her home again. | © Amouranth via Twitter

The infamous Estonian stalker, that tried to break into Amouranth's house multiple times, has finally been arrested, after trying yet again to break into her home.

Amouranth is a Twitch streamer extraordinaire who does a variety of things on her channel, like enjoying hot tubs, modelling, and talking to chat. She's even doing a boxing match in Spain against another streamer soon! And, perhaps even more impressively, she's in the process of starting an agency for young women who want to get into the kind of work she does.

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Amouranth unfortunately attracts some of the worst kinds of creeps, and one of them has been stalking her for a very long time now. Known to her community simply as the Estonian stalker, the man pictured above tried once again to break into her home this week.

Stalker Tries To Break Into Amouranth's Home & Gets Arrested

One of Amouranth's stalkers tried to break into her home again as she was doing the press conference for her upcoming boxing event. When he couldn't get in, he paced up and down outside before leaving some “gifts”.

As Amouranth described on her personal Twitter:

He started by trying to sneak in behind one of my house staff — but had the door shut in his face. He then left — only to return 4 hrs later and tried to get in again, failing that he paced back and forth at my front door for 20 mins before leaving a package and a key (I have no idea what for).

She even has a trespass warrant out against the guy, which was issued the last time he tried to break into her home. But as Amouranth puts it, the response she usually gets from police is “we have to wait and see what else he does”.

Now the police finally responded, arresting the stalker in the process after he tried to walk away inconspicuously.

Even though this is good news, Amouranth is not really optimistic, stating that she doesn't “know how long they will hold him for this time”. She also expresses her disappointment with the way the police are handling the situation, as it took him “coming 5 times in a week WITH a criminal trespass warning before they elected to arrest him”.

Hopefully this will be the last time she will have to deal with this Estonian stalker, but looking at his determination it seems highly unlikely…

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