Twilight Is Getting A TV Series Nobody Asked For

Another revival of an old franchise is coming with Twilight getting a TV series reboot.

Twilight tv series
Back into the trenches, because Twilight is getting a new TV series! | © Lionsgate

There are few franchises as infamous as the Twilight series. Many remember the early 2010s either as one of the most cringe worthy times of their lives, or as having to put up with the worldwide phenomenon and its crazy fans. Old pictures of me with an Alice haircut are proof of my obsession, but no one can tell whether I was Team Edward or Jacob. Now get ready for a second round, because Twilight is getting its own TV series.

Help! New Twilight TV Series In The Works

So what do we know of this new TV show? Not a lot, actually! Sources told the Hollywood Reporter that Lionsgate is in the early development stages for a series.

The only name attached to the project at the moment is Sinead Daly as a writer. You might know her from Tell Me Lies or The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Now she apparently is figuring out, with Lionsgate, how faithfully the books should be adapted. Old Twilight fans might remember that quite a few things were left out or changed, which resulted in Breaking Dawn Part 2 blowing everyone's mind in cinema.

One of the biggest questions is, how they will change some more problematic aspects of the series, and I am not talking about Edward's stalker habits. One large topic that emerged after the movies' release was the treatment of the Quileute tribe. Author Stephenie Meyer used their legends and culture, but changed a lot. The tribe has spoken on the issue, and I recommend reading up on the topic as a former Twilight fan.

The news of the series comes at an interesting time, with the announcement of a Harry Potter TV show coming soon. I can see my pre-teen obsessions coming back from the grave and clawing their way onto television. Also, the Twilight franchise had a revival recently with the release of Midnight Sun, which is the first book purely from Edward's perspective.

This is a series nobody asked for, but I know damn well that all the old Twilight fans, me included, will watch this show just to complain about, how much better the movies were. So, let's get ready for another round of the eternal war of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob.

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