Insider Claims HBO Might Race Swap Hermione In New Harry Potter Series

After HBO announced their Harry Potter reboot, they have now revealed some further detail regarding the cast.


After HBO announced their ideas for a Harry Potter reboot, fans have been waiting for news. Now there is a rumor going around, that HBO intends to change up the cast a little, by bringing more diversity into the lead cast.

Warner Bros. surprised a lot of people by giving HBO the rights to the Harry Potter franchise. Not only to produce a new series, but to reboot the original story into an entire 10-year-long, multi season project.

Obviously there are going to be mixed reactions to this. On the one hand you have fans craving more Harry Potter content, on the other you have hardliners, that won't accept new ideas into the franchise (like a black main character). There are also those that don't want to support the franchise's creator, J.K. Rowling.

The haters will probably not be happy to hear, that the new Harry Potter Series might feature a more diverse cast, with “more people of color”, as insider Jeff Schneider revealed on The Hot Mic podcast.

New Harry Potter Series On HBO Plans To Diversify The Cast

The casting for the new Harry Potter series is still in its infancy, but Schneider noted that their goal is to allow more representation for people of color.

One of the characters they are eyeing for this is Hermione, who was already played by a black actress in the two part play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The idea of a black Hermione is therefore already established and might not be the only change coming to the show.

Until we get further detail, all we can do is speculate about which actors might be cast for the different roles. What we know for sure, though, is that HBO is planning to include more people of color for this show.

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