Twitch Streamer Rescues Woman In Tokyo From Creepy Stalker

Twitch streamer Sammit helped out a struggling woman by distracting a creepy guy that was bothering her.

Twitch streamer to the rescue | © SAMMIT

Creepy guys and stalker are not exclusive to Twitch streamers, but have been making frequent appearances on the popular livestreaming platform. During one of his IRL broadcasts, the streamer Sammit helped out a woman that was apparently being harassed by a creepy guy in the streets of Tokyo.

Sammit is best known for his IRL streams, where he shows off is mad driving skills. The 33-year-old streamer was born in Australia but moved to Japan where he provides an insider look into the car culture and drift car content for his fans.

Streamer Stops Suspicious Man From Harassing A Woman

On May 8, Sammit was roaming the streets of Tokyo when he noticed a suspicious guy that was walking next to a woman, apparently trying to start a conversation. The woman didn't seem interested at all, more so uncomfortable, and continued to walk her way.

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The streamer was quick to assess the situation and handled it like a champ.

He quickly walked up to the man in question, grabbing him by the shoulder, and started talking to him as if they were old buddies. The woman used the opportunity to quickly get out of there, proving Sammit right.

The creepy dude realized that he wouldn't be able to stalk the woman any further without garnering unwanted attention and quickly left the scene.

Good thing Sammit noticed the woman's discomfort and was brave enough to jump into action.

Talk about weirdos stalking people. Here's a video about the Bill Clinton Kid streamsniping Hasan:

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