Ukrainian WoW Streamer Interrupted By Actual Explosions

A Ukrainian Streamer had their World of Warcraft broadcast interrupted by the sound of gunfire and explosions.

The war in Ukraine is still ongoing, and it seems like people have somehow built their everyday lives around this terrible situation. At least this Twitch streamer has, as he was simply playing WoW when his broadcast was suddenly interrupted by the sounds of a Russian attack.

The streamer in question is called Punisher3d and normally does Just Chatting content, but has recently been doing a lot more World of Warcraft content. With 54,000 followers, he definitely can't be considered a small creator and looking at how his clip went viral, he will probably continue to grow.

Ukranian Streams WoW While Russia Attacks His City

During his broadcast, the Ukrainian streamer was playing World of Warcraft, just chilling at the Seat of the Aspects, when his broadcast was suddenly interrupted by the sound of explosions and gunfire.

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The clip only shows a small portion of the situation, but especially the last explosion sounded too close for comfort.

Luckily enough, it seems like Punischer3d was not in immediate danger and didn't appear too frightened, which is sad in its own right.

After checking the situation by making some calls, the streamer come to the conclusion that he was probably not in any immediate danger and continued his broadcast.

Some streamers really do their job in the worst environment! This streamer's neighborhood is so bad, he is pretty much prepared for a gunfight at any time:

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