Hasan Helps "Shut Down" Marvel Filming With Pizza

During his recent Twitch stream, Hasan helped the Writers Guild of America shut down the filming of a Marvel production.

Hasan Marvel
Hasan helps shut down Marvel production | © Hasan; Marvel

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker recently helped protesters of the Writers Guild of America (WGA). He was marching along with them, and even feeding them pizza.

Hasan is a well-known political commentator that has amassed a massive following on Twitch and often supports movements like this. In the last couple of weeks, he not only paid the adoption fee for multiple dog shelters, but also became a top donor for the Amazon Labor Union.

Hasan Funds Writers Guild of America With Pizza & Halts Marvel Production

On May 4, Hasan was doing an IRL stream, joining the WGA in their endeavors to fight for better wages. This is something Hasan (as a self-proclaimed socialist) greatly supports.

Hasan's way of helping out the protesters was to provide them by joining them on the frontline, as well as $500 worth of pizza and publicity. Not bad.

During their protests, they established a picket line, interrupting an active Marvel Studios shoot.

This led to a lot of people online mocking the current state of Marvel, joking how “If anything needs good writing lately, it's Marvel”.

It's not quite clear which Marvel production the protesters were disrupting, but it could be the upcoming Disney+ series Wonder Man that has reportedly been filming in that area.

Wonder Man was supposed to release late 2023, but will most likely be delayed into 2024 due to the protests. Good job, WGA!

Depending on how long these protests will continue, there might even be more delays in even more productions, until their demands are met. So let's hope they hang in there as long as possible. For better pay, we support them!

If you have given up hope for the MCU this might rekindle some of it:

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