Hasan Goes Viral For Saving Every Dog At Every Facility He Visited By Paying The Adoption Fees

After visiting a couple of animal shelters, popular Twitch streamer Hasan wants to do his part to help the adoption process.

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Hasan entering his puppy arc. | © Hasan via Twitter & Instagram

Popular political commentator Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker recently visited some dog shelters during his IRL Twitch stream, when he decided to help all the puppies there by paying for all of their adoption fees. This should make the adoption process a lot smoother, as some shelters have a fee as high as $500.

Hasan is a well known on Twitch for being a leftist political commentator, centering his content on analyzing societal issues and news. With close to 2.5 million followers and close to 30K average viewers for his streams, he is one of Twitch's biggest content creators and regularly uses his platform for good.

Hasan Goes Around LA Animal Shelters Offering To Pay Adoption Fee For Every Dog

During a recent stream, the 31-year-old visited multiple dog shelters in LA, going full MrBeast-mode by offering to “pay the adoption fee of every single puppy” at all the shelters he visited.

With this, one big hurdle for anyone willing to adopt a dog at one of these shelters has been eliminated, as the fee can be up to hundreds of dollars. After his visit to one of the shelters, he revealed how high the fee was per dog and how much his endeavors cost him at that shelter alone.

“This facility was a $500 per dog adoption fee so if you come here and you don’t have $500 and you want to adopt a dog and you’re eligible and you fill out a form you come and adopt it and it’ll be for free for you hopefully… we paid for all the dogs in here which totaled to $15,000.”

If you take into consideration that Hasan was doing this for multiple shelters (granting the fee varies) the amount of money he spent is probably more than many people earn in a year!

Let's just hope all of these dogs quickly find themselves a good home and that Hasan continues to help wherever he can.

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