"You Absolute Buffoon": MoistCr1TiKal Gives Sneako A Lesson About Guns

After a little back and forth, the Sneako vs. MoistCr1Tikal beef seems to have escalated, with the two of them having a little gun showcase.
Thumbnail Charlie vs Sneako
Charlie completely annihilated Sneako there | © Sneako, MoistCr1Tikal via YouTube

After being called out and threatened by the former YouTuber Nico “Sneako” De Balinthazy, MoistCr1Tikal recently uploaded a video, shooting shots against the “canceled” influencer.

The background story to this is closely related to Sneako's ban from YouTube and his association with Andrew Tate, as the drama started after he got pretty much deplatformed.

Some people, including Charles “MoistCr1Tikal” White, were advocating for his “cancellation” and have therefore been called out by Sneako.

It looks like he had a more intense Vendetta against good'ol MoistC1Tikal than against the others, though, as he targeted him repeatedly.

A New Level Of Drama Between Sneako And MoistC1TiKal

On March 12, he finally got a response out of Charlie, as he was posting a collage of people that “advocated for his cancellation”. The response, though, was more destructive than a nuclear bomb and apparently left the former YouTuber speechless.

After this post, the next step to this drama was an unhinged livestream, with Sneako dancing around holding a gun and threatening to pull up at Charlie's house.

Shortly after this happened, Charlie posted a response video showing he is not impressed by Sneako waving around a gun, pulling out a legit assault rifle, while making fun of Sneako not using the correct terminology for Mags.

From there on out, it was an absolute bloodbath, with Charlie calling out all of Sneako's bluffs, doubling down on him being a “sad cuck” who picks easy fights he “knows” he can win.

I guess this time he picked the wrong opponent, because Charlie didn't back down at all and instead delivered a hit piece video, that points out A LOT of sensitive topics Sneako probably didn't want pointed out.

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