Everyone On Discord Will Lose Their User Names

Discord have announced an unpopular update to the platform, which will force every user to change their names.

Discord image
Discord is about to make everyone's life worse. | © Discord

Be warned, everyone: You will lose your Discord name soon. The owners of the popular app have announced a big change to the platform, which will make everyone lose their name.

Discord Will Take Away Your Name

More concretely, Discord will get rid of the four-digit code at the end of every username, as was announced on the official Discord blog. This change will result in every Discord user having to pick up a new, unique username. And you know what that means? It’s the wild west, baby. No names are safe, and people are rightfully worried that they will lose their name.

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It’s an absurd situation that will definitely cause a lot of headaches. But, Discord has confirmed that Display Names will be added as well, giving everyone the chance to use whatever name they want, even if it’s already taken.

While all of this is kind of weird, it has to be said that the idea of getting rid of those silly numbers is absolutely a good one. They were always annoying and made it unnecessarily cumbersome to share your Discord name. The company has announced, that this change will be rolled out slowly in the coming weeks, with waves of users being notified once the change has taken place.

In the coming weeks, we’ll begin notifying users when they’re able to update their account to a new username, so be on the lookout for an in-app prompt when it’s your turn.

During the transition, all Discord users will be asked to choose a new username, and access will roll out slowly over the course of several months. We want to be particularly considerate of longtime Discord users who have had their usernames for quite awhile, so we will be assigning priority to choose your new username based on when you registered for Discord.