Why The Last of Us Multiplayer Could Finally Be Revealed Soon

The Last of Us Multiplayer is still a big secret. But it looks like the sequel to the popular Factions multiplayer could finally be revealed soon. Here’s why.

The Last of us Multiplayer Header Teaser
The Last of Us multiplayer could finally be coming soon. | © Sony

Everyone is waiting like crazy for The Last of Us Multiplayer, which is now its own game after originally being planned for The Last of Us Part 2. The long-awaited sequel to the brilliant Factions mode of the first game has been kept in the shadows forever though, as Naughty Dog revealed next-to-nothing, merely teasing us with some (admittedly cool) concept art.

But it could finally be time, the multiplayer standalone The Last of Us game could finally be revealed soon.

The Last of Us Multiplayer – Why It’s Finally Time

There are many reasons to theorize, why Naughty Dog could finally show us, and potentially even release, the multiplayer The Last of Us game. As was pointed out by DomTheBomb on Youtube, a few months ago the company posted a Job Listing for a temporary Trailer Editor.

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This job listing asks for many things, including the responsibility to “edit trailers/marketing materials for single player and Multiplayer mode”. And as far as we know, Naughty Dog is only working on one multiplayer game right now, which is The Last of Us’ multiplayer spin-off.

This job listing is from a few months ago and doesn’t say how long this temporary assignment will be for. Considering that it’s already been a while, it can be concluded that this person is set to work on a trailer for the The Last of Us multiplayer game, which will most likely be revealed in either May or June.

Why those two months? In May, it looks like we’ll get the PlayStation Showcase, Sony’s big summer show full of exciting reveals and announcements. This would obviously be a perfect opportunity to finally show off this thing.

The Last of Us Factions 2 Concept Art
The first bit of the The Last of Us 2 multiplayer we ever saw. | © Sony

Or, Naughty Dog could save up this banger of a reveal for their good friend Geoff Keighley and the Summer Game Fest. This year, the big SGF show will be hosted on June 8, and at last year’s show we got the first official details for the Last of Us multiplayer game, including that sweet, sweet artwork.

We expect (and hope) that we won’t have to wait much longer. Sony, it’s finally time. Give us that good stuff, we can’t wait any longer.

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