PlayStation Showcase Date Revealed By Insider

An industry insider has revealed the potential date for the PlayStation Showcase and some people are hyped for the games lineup.

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PlayStation Showcase: It'll be sooner than expected! | © Sony

During the PlayStation Showcase, viewers get to find out about upcoming PlayStation games, as well as other interesting information. Of course, it's not as big as something like Summer Game Fest or even Gamescom, but it's enough for players to get hyped.

One industry-insider has recently revealed on a podcast when the date for the next PlayStation Showcase will be and while some fans are meme-ing it, most do have their fingers crossed and hope that this is the truth, because there are some spicy titles in the works for PlayStation.

PlayStation Showcase Will Take Place Very Soon

According to Jeff Grubb, an industry-insider, it has been revealed that the PlayStation Showcase will be held the week of May 25. He didn't specify an exact date, but did say in an older post that the event should definitely take place before Summer Games Fest.

Before Summer Game Fest, I have listed here. The PlayStation Showcase, I hear that's coming. I would probably, safely say that's May at this point.
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Others have also noted that Mortal Kombat 12 will likely be announced at the PlayStation Showcase, with many insiders, pointing at a reveal this May, which only cements these comments from Grubb. So while it isn't an official reveal, this does seem like some solid evidence.

He also teased that there will be quite some spicy information revealed at the Showcase. As just mentioned, Mortal Kombat 12 is one of the games fans are eagerly waiting for, as well as more information on the next Final Fantasy installment as well.

Let's hope that it really will be May, eh?

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