EA's Iron Man: The Game Might Be Open World

EA Motive are looking for very specific narrative directors which could hint at the Iron Man game being open world. How awesome would that be?

EA has started their work on an upcoming Iron Man game, to give the beloved superhero from Marvel a game worth playing. There have been attempts at making decent Iron Man games, but none seem to have ever truly succeeded.

Will the studio that brought us the Dead Space remake, EA Motive be able to do one of the most popular Avengers justice in a video game? Well, some of the rumours do make this already seem like a promising game.

Job Posting Hints At Iron Man Game Being Open World

This rumour comes from Reddit, where a user found some interesting job postings from EA on their website in regard to the size and world of the game. While the Dead Space remake was just released, it'll still be a while out until we get to play the Iron Man game, but it looks promising already from these rumours.

The job posting found is for a senior writer who has experience with open world games and non-linear dialogue for games. Of course, this is just one part of the qualifications of the game, but it could hint at something big for Iron Man.

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An open world game in which you can fly around as Iron Man could be quite interesting and unlike any other games where the character has made an appearance before.

It's also not a big stretch to think this could be open world, with how many open world games have been released lately. It just makes sense at this point, right? Now we just need to know whether this game will also include co-op or online services.

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