This Free Iron Man Unreal Engine 5 Game Is Everything

Iron Man has long been overdue for a game, and this might all change now with this free Unreal Engine 5 demo.
Unreal engine 5 iron man
Can someone get Insomniac on this? | © Aaron Morse

If you're anything like everybody, then Iron Man is your favorite part about the MCU. Also, if you're anything like anybody, then you've been thinking that an Iron Man game is long overdue. Lastly, if you're anything like nobody, then you won't be excited about this news: There is a free Iron Man Unreal Engine 5 Game out right now.

Free Iron Man Unreal Engine 5 Demo

To be exact, it's a hyper realistic game demo featuring Iron Man and Unreal Engine 5. You see, Unreal Engine 5 was used to create a hyper realistic train station, that many people have mistaken to be real. Then, creators were free to do what they want with this station, and many have taken to implement superheroes: Spiderman, Superman, and now... Ironman.

The demo is available for free for anyone with the PC capable of handling it. Now, the real question on everyone's mind is: When will we get a full-fledged game like this, to which creator Aaron Morse holds the answer:

This is just a demo put together by myself for fun due to my love for Iron Man. The city sample is a very heavy project and even using the recommended specs, you may experience significant framerate drops and some crashing. I believe this is due to the speed of the flight and the streaming of the level being unable to keep up moving at such high speeds. I have included scalability settings so hopefully everyone can give it a try even if you do not have the recommended specs.

Can somebody hire this guy, and give him funding to create the Iron Man game of our dreams? Please. I'm already waiting for Punisher, at least this means one of my Marvel dreams can come true.

If you want to enjoy the demo, you're going to need a pretty solid setup, with these recommended specs:

  • 12-Core CPU @ 3.4 GHz
  • 64 GB RAM
  • GeForce RTX 2080 or AMD Radeon 6000 graphics card
  • at least 8GB of VRAM