EA Is Working on an Iron Man Game

Marvel is continuing their onslaught on gaming, and rumor has it that a new Iron Man game is in the works at EA.

Iron man game ea
Long overdue... | © Jackson Omlid, Artstation

So, we just got word that Black Panther will get a standalone game, and now it seems the long overdue Iron Man game is finally becoming a reality. Initially, it was thought that Naught Dog was going to be involved, but now it seems that the Iron Man standalone game will be a product of EA.

Iron Man Game from EA in the Works

Granted, I'll need you to have some pinches of salt at the ready, because, as of now, this one is just a leak. Still, the leak comes from a reputable source, and it's not exactly like an Iron Man game is something we weren't eventually expecting.

As you can read above, Henderson is far from certain about this, so maybe don't hold your breath. Still, I'm willing to bet substantial sums that, sooner or later, we will absolutely get a standalone Iron Man game, so my money is on this leak being confirmed soon.

Honestly though... I'd be much happier about a Punisher game. Iron Man is cool and all, but The Punisher coming to Unreal Engine 5, maybe in the hands of devs as talented as Naughty Dog... wouldn't that be something? I'm here for the Iron Man game, but I was born for The Punisher.