YouTuber Builds Toilet Gaming PC

So, it might sound weird, but thanks to a YouTuber, gaming while pooping is no longer mobile exclusive.

PC Toilet
Yep, some guy made this fusion... | © TOTO/Megaport/Konami/EarlyGame

The fact that men like to take longer on the toilet, is nothing new anymore, is it? Reading the newspaper, scrolling through Twitter and maybe playing a bit of Diablo Immortal, that just takes time... But YouTuber Basically Homeless has now taken it to a whole new level.

Playing CS:GO On A Toilet

We all love our gaming PCs and spend way too much money on nice upgrades. The more RGB, the better! And if you've managed to build a real gaming beast, you'll, of course, want to play with it non-stop. But what if you have to go to the bathroom?

Well, that's what YouTuber Basically Homeless probably thought when he started to build a Toilet PC. Yes, that's right, the guy actually built a fully functional Gaming PC inside of an actual toilet. Of course, the toilet is also still fully functional, and got a nice RGB upgrade.

Here you can see Basically Homeless building hie PC:

Now, if you wonder, how the PC can still work while it is submerged into water, there is a simple trick. The YouTuber basically split the tank in half with a plexiglass wall, separating the water from the computer parts. This way he is still able to use and flush the toilet while simultaneously keep the PC running.

The monitor is mounted to the wall in front of the toilet, as well as a small foldable table to put the mouse on. The keyboard, however, needs to be placed on his lap while sitting on the toilet.

In the video, he also shows himself playing CS:GO on his pretty exceptional PC, and it works flawlessly. Admittedly, this is much nicer than simply sitting on the toilet with your smartphone.

What do you think of that awesome Toilet Gaming PC? I actually would be even more impressed if he could use the water from the toilet to cool the PC, but it still is a pretty impressive build.