Taylor Swift "The Eras Tour" Movie: When And Where To Watch

Dominating the music industry is not enough for "mother" Taylor Swift: it's time to conquer the big screen. Here's when and where to watch the upcoming "The Eras Tour" movie!

Taylor Swift Movie woohoo
Taylor Swift Announces Her Eras Tour Movie | © Taylor Swift in her "Lavender Haze" Music Video

Our lord and savior Dr. Taylor Alison Swift apparently can not relax for two weeks at a time. While The Eras Tour was still going on, she announced the upcoming "1989 (Taylor's Version)" release for October 27 (after dropping so many hints I went insane with conspiracy theories). Driving fans insane with music isn't enough anymore, though: let's move onto the big screen, Queen!

On August 31, Taylor announced another tour movie. The "reputation" stadium tour has also been filmed and released on Netflix, giving broke people like me the illusion of attending a show of the 2018 tour. And she's doing it again!

  • Some of Taylor's other movies are on Amazon, by the way. How about a Prime free-trial?

The Eras Tour Concert Movie | Release Date & Where To Watch

Because October wasn't exciting enough with 1989 (Taylor's Version) coming out, she just went ahead and announced the upcoming tour movie for October 13, 2023 (because of course it would be the 13th.)

Other than the reputation stadium tour movie, it won't be on Netflix or another streaming platform, though: it's gonna be in theatres in North America. Like, the big screen. Sadly, no screen will ever be big enough to truly capture her talent. But I'll take it!

There's no news yet if the movie's going to be in theatres in Europe, South America, Asia or wherever else at some point. But if it's only an American thing, it's fine too. In this house, we support Taylor's decisions, even if they directly ruin my day. She has her reasons I'm sure.

You can pre-order tickets right here for AMC theatres, Regal, Cinemark and Fandango.

It looks like the movie's going to be purely about the Eras Tour and there have been no hints about whether there might be some Behind-the-Scenes or more personal info like in her "Miss Americana" (also highly recommended, it's on Netflix.)

So everyone who wasn't fortunate enough to get tickets: that might be our chance to watch her show in better quality and not on some random TikTok stream!

The movie is directed by Sam Wrench – that dude knows his stuff when it comes to music, so we're in for a ride.

Great news for all Swifties out there! 1, 2, 3, LGB!

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