The Last of Us Episode 2: HBO Steps Up Their Game Making History

Fans are going crazy over the The Last of Us, as after its big debut, the show is still going strong, having one of the biggest jumps in viewership in HBO history.

The last of us
The Last of Us episode 2 was even better than the pilot | © HBO

Shortly after the pilot episode aired, The Last of Us already got hailed as the best live action adaptation of a video game in history. Now the show exceeded expectations once again, with the biggest second-episode bump in HBO history.

The Last of Us Breaks Viewership Records With The Release Of Episode 2

The show was already a big hit after the first episode released, receiving widespread praise and becoming one of the most-watched HBO debuts ever!

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Now, the second episode even surpassed this success, recording the largest jump in viewership for an "HBO Original drama series in the history of the network", as Geoff Keighley reports.

According to Keighley, episode 2 tallied 5.7 million viewers when it premiered on Sunday night, increasing viewership compared to the first episode by 22%.

I guess this is what happens when you actually produce a good video game adaptation, that would even be an awesome show of its own (without relying on the fame of the source material).

With how well the show is received, it's highly likely that it will be renewed for a second season, let's just hope they keep up the great work and don't fuck it up in the next couple episodes.

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