Finally: New Look At The Last of Us Multiplayer Spin-Off

With The Last of Us celebrating it's 10-year anniversary, Naughty Dog has something pretty unique and exciting up their sleeve to get fans excited and hyped.

The Last of us Multiplayer Header Teaser
When can we finally play this game? | © Naughty Dog

The Last of Us is turning 10-years-old in June and to commemorate it, Naughty Dog has some exciting plans. They recently released a blog entry in which they outlined 2022 and what the developers have in store for the future of the franchise.

One thing is for sure, a multiplayer spinoff is in the works and fans can finally get hyped, because they're finally getting some much-needed content.

Naughty Dog Shares New Concept Art

In the Naughty Dog blog post it was explained that while The Last of Us feels like it has just begun. Recently The Last of Us Part I was successfully launched on PlayStation 5 and the same version will be coming to the PC in March, 2023. But that isn't all, there is much more planned for The Last of Us Lovers.

Fans will be treated to a television adaptation which will be premiering on HBO and HBO Max in January which is also mentioned in the blog post, but the most exciting news probably come sin the form of some brand-new concept art for the upcoming Last of Us multiplayer spinoff game.

Naughty Dog calls their upcoming The Last of Us Multiplayer spinoff game an ambitious project and they've stated that throughout the first half of 2023 they will be giving fans more surprises and content regarding this game. So, for any fans of the series, keep an eye out, because Naughty Dog is just getting started.

To truly get fans excited they've decided to share another piece of concept art of the series. In it, we can see an abandoned cruise ship that seems to have crashed into a harbour. It looks dark, ominous and everything we hope this multiplayer game will encapsulate.

If you want to experience the world of The Last of Us in a fresh and new way, then this upcoming multiplayer game is going to be for you. According to Naughty Dog president, Neil Druckman, the multiplayer is "rooted in Naughty Dog's passion for delivering incredible stories, characters, and gameplay". So we can get excited yet?

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