Director Leaks The Last of Us TV Show Release Date

The Last Of Us TV show release date
We now have a clear idea of when The Last Of Us TV show pilot is coming out. | © Smasher via YouTube

The format switch from a video game to a TV show for The Last of Us has gotten its release date! It's no official announcement, but one of the directors for the show has given a strong clue of when The Last of Us TV show release date is going to be.

Money talks. The Last of Us Part II got very mixed reactions from fans, but it sold well. That was all Naughty Dog and Sony needed to take the franchise to a different medium. The Last of Us TV show was announced last year and it was initially rumored to launch in 2021. A clue dropped by one of its directors changes that narrative.

When Is The Last of Us TV Show Release Date?

The Last of Us TV show is going to launch in 2022. How did we find out? By paying attention to detail! Kantemir Balagov, the director of the TV series' pilot episode, dropped a clue on his Instagram page.

The Russian director keeps his biography on the site updated with all of his past and present projects. Among those is of course his work on The Last of Us TV show. The key to the admittedly not too difficult puzzle is that Balagov lists the years of release of these projects. Guess which number is sitting next to TLoUS? That's right: 2022.

Since Balagov is scheduled to film the pilot, there's not much room for additional speculation - the first episode is going to air in 2022. When exactly is yet unknown, but we have the year at least, which is a starting point.

The core cast of the show has been set in stone: Pedro Pascal will take on the role of Joel and will partner with fellow Game of Thrones actress Bella Ramsey, who is going to play Ellie. The cast looks promising and the year of launch is all but set. Nothing left to do, except wait and hope for a more unifying end product than TLoU Part II.

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