The Last Of Us HBO Show | New Trailer: Details And Easter Eggs

HBO have just released a new trailer for The Last of Us, and it's full of callbacks to the original video game.

TLOU Show walking across plank
The Last of Us show trailer has scenes from the game! | © HBO

Sometimes we get games that force us, after finishing them, to just put down the controller and feel all the emotions. The Last of Us is one of those games. There is a reason for its universal acclaim and ranking on many of the top games lists of our generation. To adapt its emotional story to TV is no small task and one HBO has set out to do.

With the premiere on January 16, they've now released another official trailer for the show, and it is packed with details only a player of the game would understand.

First thing's first, here is the trailer:

The Last Of Us Show: Callbacks To The Game

One of the things you notice first are the many references. For example, the scene of Ellie walking across a plank with Joel and Tess watching, or the scenes with Henry and Sam, two character we meet along our journey.

The biggest one, though, is a special shot at the end, where you see a bloater rising with fiery destruction in the background. As a player, seeing that gives us absolute goosebumps, and brings us right back to our first encounter with these monsters.

TLOU Show bloater
The bloater looks very terrifying. | © HBO

From what is shown in the trailer, there will also be scenes from the DLC Left Behind in the series! The DLC partially took place before the beginning of the game, so it will be interesting to see how they integrate it. Perhaps there will be flashbacks of Ellie telling the events to Joel?

Easter Eggs Found In The Trailer

A more subtle but heart-wrenching moment was to hear Take On Me. When it started playing, there was an immediate feeling of recognition and familiarity. Everyone who has played The Last of Us 2 knows what I’m referring to.

Especially nice to see were two familiar voice actors that sneaked their way onto the show. When you look closely you can see Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker playing with what looks to be Ellie’s mother and one of David’s men. To cast the original voice of Ellie as her mother has a nice feeling to it, wouldn't you say?

With all these different details from the game in the trailer it feels like a good sign for the show. We can’t wait to see Ellie and Joel on their journey in a few weeks!