Last of Us Part 3, Original Cast Would “100% go back”

The voice actor who plays Abby in The Last of Us Part 2 has now confirmed that she would "100% go back" to the role for The Last of Us Part 3. Of course, her character might not be written into the script, but it's good to know she's on-board if the opportunity arises.

TLoU Voice Actors
Would you like to see Abby return in The Last of Us Part 3? | © Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part 3 is undoubtedly being developed at this very moment. Sure, the last game might have been divisive, but it certainly had its fans. And there are those who, even if they disliked The Last of Us Part 2, will stay loyal to the franchise for future products like the standalone multiplayer experience.

Now, it's far too soon to hope for any specific details regarding this possible sequel, but we can at least share some news about the cast with you. Given the ending of The Last of Us Part 2, the next game could go anywhere. But if they want to return to the Abby storyline, then we know the actor who plays her is on-board.

Actor Who Voices Abby Is Happy To Return In TLoU 3

In a recent interview with, voice actor Laura Bailey has confirmed that she would happily reprise the role of Abby if Naughty Dog asked her to. In her own words:

I would definitely go back to her. I know there was a lot of drama and response to her character, but it was one of the most influential roles I’ve had in my life. I would 100 percent go back to play more Abby if the opportunity came up.

She's not wrong; Abby was an incredibly divisive figure. But whatever you think of the character, the voice acting certainly wasn't divisive, with many agreeing that Bailey had performed the role superbly.

We would certainly like to see Bailey's talents put to good use by Naughty Dog again, although we'd rather not see Abby again...

What do you think about Bailey coming back as Abby, would you like her to return? Maybe you would even like to see Abby become the main character?

You've still got a long while to wait for TLoU 3 though, so why not check out one of these games in the meantime?