The Mandalorian Season 3 Release Schedule: Episode 2 Start & Chapter List

The Mandalorian finally returns on Disney+. Here's a complete Mandalorian Season 3 episode schedule that shows you the full list of all release dates for the new Mandalorian season. You've already watched the start (Chapter 17) and now you're waiting for episode 2 (Chapter 18)? Well, you have to show some Jedi patience.

Mandalorian Season 3 All Epsiodes Release Date
The Mandalorian Season 3: All episodes and their release dates. | @ Disney/EarlyGame

Whilst Season 2 of Star Wars: Andor is still far away, The Mandalorian is back and continues his journey after his reunion with Grogu. Season 3 is starting and brings us more ofDin Djarin.

Unfortunately, Disney will not release all 8 episodes at once, but on a weekly schedule. So if you've already watched the first episode of season 3, you'll have to wait seven days now until episode 2 of The Mandalorian arrives.

The Mandalorian Season 3 Schedule: All Episode Release Dates

New episodes of the Mandalorian Season 3 will be released each Wednesday, starting from March 1. These are the release dates for all the episodes:

1 (Chapter 17)March 1, 2023
2 (Chapter 18)March 8, 2023
3 (Chapter 19)March 15, 2023
4 (Chapter 20)
March 22, 2023
5 (Chapter 21)
March 29, 2023
6 (Chapter 22)
April 5, 2023
7 (Chapter 23)
April 12, 2023
8 (Chapter 24)
April 19, 2023

The Mandalorian Season 3: Watch The Official Trailer

If you're curious about what to expect from the newest season, you can just watch the official trailer right under these lines:

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