TikTok Has Broken Dominos Pizza

A viral TikTok trend is causing kitchen chaos at Dominos, with tons of staff quitting and drama reigning supreme.
Dominos pizza tiktok
Dominos isn't particularly known for treating its staff well. | © Dominos Pizza

After a pair of dishevelled Domino's workers quit their jobs publicly on TikTok a few days ago, the post went completely viral. Now, millions of views later, people are having mixed reactions - from shocked to sympathetic - and a conversation is raging on the net about Domino's treatment of staff.

In a follow-up video to the viral TikTok, which garnered more than 3.5 million views, a quarter of a million likes and more than 5000 comments, TikTok user Mikayla Prindeville explained the decision behind their resignation.

She explained a clearly flawed upper and middle management system that caused Dominos to be consistently understaffed, despite constant requests from staff. Specifically, she pointed out that with only one delivery driver on a Saturday shift, deliveries were running hours behind schedule.

We had so much empathy for the driver, we were doing so much work for next to nothing and it was just stressful. Nobody should have to go through something like that, nobody should have to work that understaffed and just take it.

According to the viral TikTok user, things just got too hard to handle and there was so little support that they decided to quit mid-shift, trash the joint, and be on their way with orders still flowing in through the machine.

The video itself, which you can check out here, shows Prindeville and a co-worker leaving the store and exclaiming "We're leaving it just how we f**king found it. F*** this job." She has since found a new job, but that's not where this story ends.

Fans Are Going Nuts Over Dominos

Some TikTok viewers have expressed admiration for the workers, whilst others have expressed the opposite opinion. Many say that the organization should not be judged as a whole, with one user even pointing out that they had worked for the company for fifteen years and hadn't had any problems.

The reality, though, is that workers will experience very different conditions depending on where and when they work. Dominos are probably worried that the virality of such a post could cause a chain reaction of resignations. Reports suggest that this has already started happening, though we could not verify them.


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Even if one particular employee has experienced a great career, it is not uncommon for fast food workers to suffer through extremely heightened levels of stress, as well as situations that are above their pay-grade. They usually earn minimum wage, are expected to work long hours in bad conditions, and are treated like absolute crap. Dominos should take a lesson from this incident, as should all other fast food chains out there.