Tyler1 Wants To Have A Baby With His Former Streamsniper

During a recent stream, Macaiyla revealed that Tyler expressed his desire to make a little streamer with her.
Tyler1 punished EUW
Tyler1 plans to make a little streamer with his longtime girlfriend and former streamsniper | © Tyler1

League of Legends is a highly competitive and frustrating game, and nobody embodies these two traits better than Tyler1. Now, it looks like he has plans to expand the family business, as his long-term girlfriend and former streamsniper Macaiyla recently revealed that Tyler wants to have a baby.

Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp is pretty much the Twitch streamer when it comes to League of Legends.

With his high-energy and often comedic content, he initially gained fame for his skill and rage moments but has since diversified his content to include variety gaming, fitness, and lifestyle streams.

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His unpredictable antics made him a staple in the streaming industry and are always entertaining to watch.

Macaiyla Talks About Tyler1 Wanting A Kid

Tyler1 and Macaiyla have been together for several years now and despite their occasional on-stream bickering, they always got each other's back, providing a unique dynamic that fans find entertaining and endearing.

The two of them first met for real at TwitchCon 2016, but have started out as streamer and streamsniper.

Since then, they sure had their ups and downs, but apparently they're still going strong, as Tyler actually expressed his desire to have a baby with Macaiyla.

Granted, this happened a couple of months back, after Macayila had just returned from her extensive jaw surgery to fix her bite issues, but it still goes to show that we might get some little Tyler1's hopping around soon.

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With this, Tyler would join his brother Eric "Erobb" Robbins as a streamer dad to expand the family business on Twitch.

I don't know if more streamers is a good thing, looking at stuff like this:

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